Colorado Senate: Mark Udall Still Favored

Stuart Rothenberg April 22, 2014 · 12:34 PM EDT

Rarely has so much been made of so little.

I ought to know, since I am in the middle of the to-do.

During the past weekend’s edition of CNN’s State of the Union, I happened to suggest that Republican Rep. Cory Gardner might upset incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Udall in the Colorado Senate race.

My comment came at the very end of a segment, a response to host Candy Crowley’s question about a possible upsets in November.

I wasn’t prepared for the question, but that shouldn’t matter. I’ve responded to dozens of similar questions in the past, and my usual response is to defer, pointing out that I prefer not to guess about races six or nine months away.

But the segment had been unruly – the Republican National Committee’s Sean Spicer and the Democratic National Committee’s Mo Elleithee had spent most of their time yelling at each other – and I decided, in a fraction of a second, to answer Candy’s question. That was not a wise decision on my part.

My response was not a measured, thoughtful answer. It’s TV, after all, where dead air is the only thing worse than off-the-cuff, ill-considered remarks.

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