Wither the National House Vote?

Nathan L. Gonzales October 17, 2014 · 3:29 PM EDT

Democrats failed to win back the House in 2012 but took pride in discrediting the Republican majority by pointing to the National House Vote. So what happens if Republicans keep the majority and get more votes nationwide?

Last cycle, Democrats gained just eight seats, falling 17 short of the…

Gubernatorial Report Shorts (October 17, 2014)

Nathan L. Gonzales October 17, 2014 · 3:28 PM EDT

Alaska Governor. GOP Gov. Sean Parnell continues to be in a very close race for re-election. He faces Independent Bill Walker, who ran in the Republican primary four years ago, but has been embraced by the Democratic Party after their nominee dropped out to run on the ticket as lieutenant…

Why Republicans Must Win the Senate in 2014

Stuart Rothenberg October 15, 2014 · 11:09 AM EDT

If next month produces a big Republican year, with the GOP gaining control of the Senate and expanding its majority in the House, it will say little or nothing about 2016, when a presidential electorate and a very different Senate class combine to create the makings of a substantially good…

Ratings Change: Arkansas Senate from Toss-up/Tilt Republican to Lean Republican

Stuart Rothenberg October 13, 2014 · 8:33 AM EDT

Arkansas Senate polls released by Democrats and one media outlet suggest that incumbent Senator Mark Pryor leads GOP challenger Rep. Tom Cotton by a couple of percentage points. But most surveys – both public and unreleased – suggest Cotton holds a modest but stable mid-single digit lead in the…

Ratings Change: Alaska Senate from Pure Toss-up to Toss-up/Tilt Republican

Stuart Rothenberg October 13, 2014 · 8:32 AM EDT

The Alaska Senate race remains quite close, with incumbent Democrat Mark Begich continuing to run a quality campaign. But the contest has started to better reflect the state’s partisan bent and its attitudes about the president, and Sullivan has moved to a small but significant advantage in the…

Ratings Change: South Dakota Senate from Republican Favored to Lean Republican

Stuart Rothenberg October 13, 2014 · 8:31 AM EDT

Republican Mike Rounds continues to underperform in what has become a whacky three-way fight (four-way, if you count the Libertarian on the ballot). While the state’s Republican bent could well bail him out in November, and the NRSC has allocated money for the race, we can no longer rule out the…